[LI] 3rd phase of clean energy; biomass as risky business

Two items posted to LinkedIn concerning new energy. In sharing these, I took a critical angle on biomass.

The Third Phase of Clean Energy Will Be the Most Disruptive Yet,” by Ramez Naam, Ramez Naam (blog), 2 April 2019 (posted April 2019)

Interesting post by Ramez Naam on how declining costs of solar & wind relative to fossil fuels will further disrupt the energy market. Per an exchange on Twitter, the same dynamic disfavors biomass. (IMO, need to include biomass when discussing economics of coal & gas, as these all are “burning” technologies with plant, production & transport costs).

Risky Biomass Business: The reputational and financial risks
of investing in forest biomass energy,”
EnvironmentalPaper.org, May 2019 (posted May 2019)

A briefing paper by the Environmental Paper Network, Global Forest Coalition, & BiofuelWatch outlines problems with #forest #biomass & wood-fired #energy generation.

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