[LI] Helping whistleblowers ; anti-corruption

Two items relating to ethics in business and governance, posted to LinkedIn in December 2018.

Speaking out against your employer is still risky,” by Alicia Clegg, Financial Times, 2 December 2018 (posted December 2018)

Should we have some sort of independent non-profit system for recognizing & assisting #whistleblowers? It amazes me that employees trying to stand up for higher values against irregularities, abuse, & corruption, are penalized as if there is no higher value than narrow loyalty to the organization. Better laws might help, but it seems to be a cultural (tribal?) problem. (I personally have not been involved in or directly affected by whistleblowing.)

United against corruption for development, peace and security,” Anticorruptionday.org, 9 December 2018 (posted 9 December 2018)

International Anti-Corruption Day! #Corruption touches every country & all of us – directly or indirectly. It is large & small, perpetrated by rich & poor, & affects business & governance. Justice, ethics, transparency!

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