[LI] Sociolinguistics of development & girls’ education in Africa

Two separate items posted on LinkedIn in August & October 2017 relating to the importance of languages in development, and first language instruction for increasing girls’ education levels in Africa.

Sociolinguistics of Development in Africa (posted 23 August 2017

Finally reading Paulin Djité’s Sociolinguistics of Development in Africa, 2008. Shd be req’d for all in devt. (Thx Joe Lauer @MSUlibraries)

(my comment)

Had seen this title some time back, but in effect lost track of it on a reading list filed away while working on other matters. From about a third of the way through the book now, noting Prof. Djité brings together many points we are familiar with from diverse sources in other literature. If I were to teach another course on language and development, this definitely would be a source for required readings. Should be on the reading list for professionals working on development in Africa (a précis of this book, along with a language in development reading list, would be helpful, so will see about how best to do those)…

One’s campaign for girls’ education & mother tongue-based teaching,” Don Osborn, Beyond Niamey, 11 Oct 2017 (posted 12 October 2017

Mother tongue-based education & girls’ education can be promoted together, and there is evidence the former supports the latter. Organizations like The ONE Campaign promoting girls’ education in Africa please take note.

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