United forcibly removing a passenger

(April 10, 2017)

I haven’t watched this video but the whole incident makes me wonder Why, why, WHY the airline – United – didn’t sort out its overbooking at the gate *before* they started boarding? Isn’t that standard practice?? Get your volunteers there – even if you have to raise the ante to get true volunteers, it is much better for everyone including the airline than to yank the unwilling “volunteered” off the plane! http://www.esquire.com/…/united-drags-passenger-off-plane-…/

I had a similar question – though in a less disturbing context – on several flights with Ethiopian Airlines in 2009-10. That’s a company I like & respect (having first flown with them in 1981). But in the 2000s they often seemed to somehow have families with small children seated all over the cabin, with the flight attendants trying to find people to move here and there to accommodate their need to sit together. Having flown with our son when he was very young, I totally understood the families, but couldn’t get the airline not figuring out a way to sort this out (or pre-reserve some bloc of seats for families that get their assigned seats at check-in) before everyone was on the plane.

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