Return of Multidisciplinary Perspectives

After a long hiatus, I am resuming this blog. The reasons for leaving off had to do with a combination of factors – other priorities and technical issues related to falling behind on updating the software.

Updating a really out of date installation (2-point-something to 4.3.1) proved to be less daunting than some sites suggested – including advice to upgrade to an intermediate version before another upgrade to the current one. What I found was that by following the steps for manually updating outlined on the WordPress Codex site, the whole process took around an hour.

Earlier this year I did a brief experiment with reviving the blog on, an account established some years ago but never previously used. Despite the convenience of using that service, however, I found I preferred to manage the blog on my own site.

This blog will continue on the same areas (see “Categories” on the right), with an additional focus on policy and planning. Also, the agriculture category does cover food as well (although I may not change the category name).

Finally, with this blog live and again browsable and searchable, I was curious to see who else was using the term “multidisciplinary perspectives” and how. I don’t recall having done this before choosing the name for this blog – it just seemed appropriate, even if a bit generic. It turns out that quite a number of scholars from diverse fields have used this term in titles of articles and books, since at least the early 1980s but much more frequently in the last 5-10 years, certainly reflecting the growing importance of interdisciplinary collaboration. A list (alphabetical by title) of some of those titles follows to give an idea of the range and evident popularity of use:


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