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TheFive-MinuteLinguist | ... in the spirit of service


The Five-Minute Linguist

The Five-Minute Linguist: Bite-sized Essays on Language and Languages (Second Edition). Edited by E.M. Rickerson, Barry Hilton. 2012. Equinox


This is a complete listing of chapters in the book:

  1. Why learn about language? Robert Rodman
  2. You’re a linguist? How many languages do you speak? Paul Chapin
  3. How many languages are there in the world? M. Paul Lewis
  4. What's the difference between dialects and languages? G. Tucker Childs
  5. What was the original language? Barry Hilton
  6. Do all languages come from the same source? Allan Bomhard
  7. What language did Adam and Eve speak? E.M. Rickerson
  8. Do languages have to change? John McWhorter
  9. What are lingua francas? Nicholas Ostler
  10. Isn't Pidgin English just bad English? John M. Lipski
  11. How many kinds of writing systems are there? Peter T. Daniels
  12. Where did writing come from? Peter T. Daniels
  13. Where does grammar come from? Joan Bybee
  14. Do all languages have the same grammar? Mark Baker
  15. How do babies learn their mother tongue? Roberta Michnick Golinkoff and Kathryn Hirsch-Pasek
  16. Do animals use language? Donna Jo Napoli
  17. How does the brain cope with multiple languages? Henk Haarmann
  18. Does our language influence the way we think? Geoffrey Pullum
  19. What's the right way to put words together? Dennis Preston
  20. Is British English the best English? Orin Hargraves
  21. Why do people fight over language? Paul Garrett
  22. What does it mean to be bilingual? Dora Johnson
  23. How many languages can a person learn? Richard Hudson
  24. What is "speaking in tongues"? Walt Wolfram
  25. What happens if you are raised without language? Susan Curtiss
  26. Do deaf people everywhere use the same sign language? Leila Monaghan
  27. Why do languages die? Christopher Moseley
  28. Can a threatened language be saved? Akira Yamamoto et al.
  29. How are the sounds of languages made? Peter Ladefoged
  30. Why do American Southerners talk that way? Walt Wolfram
  31. What causes foreign accents? Steven Weinberger
  32. How are the sounds of language made? Peter Ladefoged
  33. Can monolingualism be cured? Katherine Sprang
  34. What does it take to learn a language well? Nina Garrett
  35. How have our ideas about language learning changed through the years? June Phillips
  36. Why study languages abroad? Sheri Spaine Long
  37. Can computers teach languages faster and better? Sue E.K. Otto
  38. What's the language of the United States? David Goldberg
  39. Is there a language crisis in the United States? Catherine Ingold
  40. What's the future of Spanish in the United States? Maria Carreira
  41. What is Cajun and where did it come from? Robyn Holman
  42. Did German almost become the language of the United States? Nancy P. Nenno
  43. What’s Gullah? Elizabeth Martinez-Gibson
  44. Are dialects dying? Walt Wolfram
  45. Can you make a living loving languages? Frederick H. Jackson
  46. How are dictionaries made? Erin McKean
  47. Why do we need translators if we have dictionaries? Kevin Hendzel
  48. How good is machine translation? David Savignac
  49. Can you use language to solve crimes? Robert Rodman
  50. How can you keep languages in a museum? Amelia Murdoch
  51. Where did English come from? John Algeo
  52. How many Native American languages are there? Marianne Mithun
  53. Is Latin really dead? Frank Morris
  54. Who speaks Italian? Dennis Looney
  55. How different are Portuguese and Spanish? Ana Carvalho
  56. Should we be studying Russian? Benjamin Rifkin
  57. What's exciting about Icelandic? Pardee Lowe
  58. What’s the difference between Hebrew and Yiddish? Neil G. Jacobs
  59. Do all Arabs speak the same language? Jerry Lampe
  60. Is Swahili the language of Africa? Don Osborn
  61. Do you have to be a masochist to study Chinese? Barry Hilton
  62. Is studying Japanese worth the effort? Blaine Erickson
  63. What’s the language of India? Vijay Gambhir
  64. Whatever happened to Esperanto? Arika Okrent and E.M. "Rick" Rickerson
  65. Does anybody here speak Klingon? Christopher Moseley
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