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RegisterAndLoginEqualsReducedParticipation | ... in the spirit of service


[from the Web2forDev archives; nine other emails followed on this topic]

Register & log-in = reduced participation?

Don Osborn
on September 22, 2007

Small item I've been wondering about for a while. Many interactive sites set up a registration system where you need to set up an account with username and password, and then enter these when you want to comment or contribute, or sometimes even access the material. As a user who will access a lot of sites I found this tiresome and in the total effect, burdensome, to the point where it becomes an issue as to whether I'll bother or not.

Another part of the issue is security - I don't like to use the same passwords everywhere nor to leave them on my system. Maybe that's my hangup, but it taxes any system for remembering passwords and keeping usernames straight.

So I'm wondering, do web 2.0 developers find there's any disadvantage to setting up registration requirements for their sites? In one specific case last year I suggested to a new site to drop the requirement to log-in and enter password in order to comment on material (users still had the option to set up an account) and the site immediately had substantive comments from "non-members"

It may be that site developers are already moving to this kind of option - that is, a user can register if s/he wants but does not have to for access and at least some comment/contribution priviledges.

TIA for any thoughts or experience on this.

Don Osborn

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