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(from the list of my contributions to the Africa_web_content_owner (AWCO) list; source: AWCO archives)

Re: A People's Approach to Produce Web Content - A Web Knitter's Manual on CD-ROM
Feb 19, 2003

Mike, Thanks for this reference on what looks like a very useful resource. I'm looking at a minor restructuring of the Bisharat links to have a category of such resources to assist development of web content in Africa. Just out of curiosity, does the PAPWEC CD touch on multilingual content development issues & techniques? Thanks in advance!


Don Osborn

--- In africa_web_content_owner@yahoogroups.com, "Mike Chivhanga" <bmmc@s...> wrote:
> Dear All
> Hope this email finds you well. If not, cheer up!
> Just to let you know that the content of a web design approach - A People
> Approach to Produce Web Content (PAPWEC) is now available on CD-ROM. PAPWEC
> shows how to prepare and produce web content for use in developing settings.
> Further details about PAPWEC and how to order the CD-ROM can be obtained
> from the URL:
> http://www.soi.city.ac.uk/~ck521/contentalive.htm
> Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
> Regards,
> Mike Chivhanga
> City University, London

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