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From: "Don Osborn" <dzo@xxxxxx>
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Subject: Fw: TOC: Orthographic Conventions in African Languages & CASAS Series
Date: Fri, 09 Apr 2004 00:44:36 -0000

This item concerning systems of transcription in Africa may be of interest. The issue of orthographies for African languages and standardization/harmonization of same is not new - there was some attention to it in the colonial period and after independence some concerted efforts that have had an effect (see for instance the documents at http://www.bisharat.net/Documents). But as the efforts of CASAS indicate, there is still work to do.

CASAS is involved in other research & advocacy work relating to African languages. See their website (not mentioned in the item forwarded) at http://www.casas.co.za/(approve sites).

Don Osborn

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From: Charles Becker <becker@xxxxxx>
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Subject: TOC: Orthographic Conventions in African Languages and CASAS Serie
Writing African. The Harmonisation of Orthographic Conventions in African Languages
Edited by Kwesi Kwaa Prah
The Centre for Advanced Studies of African Society ( CASAS )
P.O. Box 352
Cape Town
7800 South Africa
First published 2002
ISBN 1-919799-66-4


The contributors
The Rationale for Revising African Orthographic Conventions, Kwesi Kwaa Prah
The Pan-Dialectical Approach to Orthographic Conventions: The Case of the Gbe Languages of West Africa Hounkpati, B.C. Capo

Unified Orthography for Nilotic Languages B.V.G., Nyombe

Towards a Standard Bantu Orthography: The Harmonisation and Standardisation of the Orthographies of Zambian and Malawian Languages, Felix Banda

Orthographe Commune et Législations Nationales: Une Expérience d'Harmonisation de l'Orthographe du Wolof entre le Sénégal et la Mauritanie, Chérif Mbodj

An Attempt at Harmonisation or What? On the Development of the Orthographies of Botswana Languages, Joyce T. Mathangwane

Issues of Concern in the Standardisation of Kiswahili, Kitula King'ei

Writing Berber: Towards a Unified Orthography, Moha Ennaji

The Orthographic Conventions for Ivorian Languages, Sassango Silue

Harmonisation Orthographique du Sangö, Langue Nationale Officielle, et des Autres Langues de Centrafrique, François Lim

Conventions Orthographiques de Certaines Zones Linguistiques de l'Ouest Africain, Boniface Keita

The Expansion of the Dholuo Vowel System Francis R. Owino,

Consolidated Bibliography of Chapters in English

The CASAS book series

1. Between Extinction and Distinction. The Harmonisation and Standardisation of Afrjcan Languages Edited by Kwesi Kwaa Prah

2. Knowledge in Black and White. The Impact of Apartheid on the Production and Reproduction of Knowledge. Edited by Kwesi Kwaa Prah

3. Ibibio Phonetics and Phonology Eno-Abasi Essien Urua

4. Rethinking African Arts and Culture, Edited by Dele Layiwola

5. Language and Institutions in Africa, Edited by Sinfree Makoni and Nkonko Kamwangamalu

6. The New Ewe/Gbe Orthography HounkpaliB.C. Capo

7. African Languages for the Mass Education of Africans Kwesi Kwaa Prah

8. Mother Tongue for Scientific and Technological Development in Africa, Kwesi Kwaa Prah

9. Nyansapow, J. Gyekye.Aboagye

10. Education, Literacy and Development jn Africa, Sassongo J. Silue

11. Isefe Ninu Awon Ere-onitan Yoruba Yoruba Thesis, I.G. Adejuma

12. Language Across Borders The Harmonisation and Standardisation of Orthographic Conventions of Bantu Languages Within and Across the Borders of Malawi and Zambia Edited by Felix Banda

13. Ifa and Related Genres, Edited by L.O. Adewole

14. Globalising Africans Edited by B.E. Bankie

15. The Akan Dictionary J. Gyekye-Aboagye et al.

16. A Linguistic Analysis of Cinsenga, Lazarus Miti

17. Kiswahili Katika Karne ya Ishirini na Moja (Kiswahili in the 21st Century), Edited by K. Njogu, O. Momanyi, K. King'ei and P. Musau

18. Rehabilitating African Languages: Language Use, Language Policy and Literacy in Africa Edited by Kwesi Kwaa Prah

19. Harmonisation and Standardisation of Nigerian Languages, Edited by F.O. Egbokhare and S.O. Oyetade

20. New Perspectives in Edoid Studies. Essays in Honour of Ronald Peter Schaefer. Edited by F.O. Egbokhare

21. Speaking African. African Languages for Education and Development. Edited by Francis R. Owino

22. Speaking in Unison. Harmonisation and Standardisation of Southern African Languages. Edited by Kwesi Kwaa Prah

23. Racism and the Global African Experience. CASAS and NGO Platform: World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination and Xenophobia and Related Intolerance Edited by Kwesi Kwaa Prah Forthcoming

24. Discourses on Difference, Discourses on Oppression. Edited by Norman Duncan et al.

25. Writing African The Harmonisation of Orthographic Conventions in African Languages. Edited by Kwesi Kwaa Prah

26. Aspects of Cinsenga Tonology. L.M. Miti

27. Ikal=E8 Masquerade. Traditions and Artifacts. Ebenezer Aiku Sheba

28. Akan Kasakoa Horow Bi. J. Gyekye-Aboagye

29. Les Langues Africaines pour l'Education des Masses en Afrique. Kwesi Kwaa Prah

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