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From: "Don Osborn" <dzo@xxxxxx>
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Subject: Practical Orthography of African Languages, 1930
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2003 19:45:59 -0000

Last May on this group there was discussion of Latin-based transcriptions for African languages, and during the exchange, there was mention of the early (1930) Africa alphabet and its relation to current orthographies. Well, thanks to Konrad Tuchsherer, who supplied me with a copy to scan (and reviewed my first online version), the Practical Orthography of African Languages, rev. ed. is now available at

It's notable that the characters available in the unicode fonts Gentium and Arial Unicode MS cover all that were used in the text of that document save one (a capital modified Z for which I inserted little .gifs in the Shona examples near the end of the text).

Don Osborn

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