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Pages on networking sites

"Networking" is a large part of what I do, getting to know people professionally and passing on names and contacts to others who have similar interests. Much of this is facilitated by the internet. Some websites are useful for this as tools to help develop and keep track of my network. Especially since some of these sites build on information already online, this attention to use of diverse networking sites also goes in tandem with my approach to "own" what content there is online about me.

Wikipedia has articles on two categories of networking sites: "professional network service " and "social network service " (the latter or even the whole phenomenon being referred to also as "social networking").

The networking sites on which I have pages are as follows

  • General (roughly in order of usage):
    • LinkedIn . This professional networking site is one that I have found particularly useful. Guido Sohne, an IT expert in Ghana, invited me back in 2003. I was skeptical about the site's concept at first, but it has proven itself.
      • Bright . Set up a page some time ago but did not use. This service was merged into LinkedIn in 2014.
    • Twitter . Joined in April 2007 just to test it out, and used it intermittently until recently. Currently use a lot for certain news and posting.
    • Facebook . I used to use this fairly regularly, but tend not to share a lot of personal and family information. In 2007, two colleagues - Tobias Eigen of Kabissa and Martin Benjamin of Kamusi Project - invited me to join. Certain features are very useful, such as the group and page features that I have made good use of:
    • Viadeo . I joined this primarily for professional networking in French, though it hasn't yet turned out to be as useful as I'd hoped.
    • Ryze . This was the first networking site I joined, but I have not actively used it for a while. Pam McLean of CAWD in the UK invited me back in 2003. It has a less professional feel than LinkedIn but not as dynamic as Facebook.
    • Doostang . Joined in 2008 as another location to post my credentials. (The link is to the site; there is apparently no URL for public access to one's profile page).
    • Zoom  (ZoomInfo). This site aggregates info from online and there was info on me so I "claimed" it and made some edits. Updated in 2014.
    • Xing. Joined this in Nov. 2008 mainly because this site had a link with Zoom, which I was already on. Most recent update in 2015.
    • Spoke . Joined in 2008 as another location to post my credentials (there was information evidently generated for the page by the Spoke system). Found no trace of that in 2012, so set up a new page. Most recent update in 2016.
    • Google profile/Google+ . Originally set up this page in April 2009, when the service was new. Don't use it very actively.
    • Idealist . Networking site set up by Action Without Borders. Joined and set up profile in April 2009; did some touch ups in October 2012. Link will take you to my page if you are signed into Idealist.
    • Set up a page on this site in 2013.
    • Reddit. Began submitting links of blog posts in September 2014.
    • Klout . Set up a page on this site in 2012, mainly out of curiosity. It attempts to score and rank one's influence on social networks.
  • Specialized (ICT4D, development generally, research, and govt.-related)
    • . Joined this in 2012 and have listed publications.
    • Digital Divide Network . Had a page on DDN from about 2007, but the site no longer functions. (DDN website is now maintained by TakingITGlobal. For background on DDN, see here .)
    • . Joined in 2013 as a specialized location to post my development credentials. (The link is to the site; there is apparently no URL for public access to one's profile page).
    • Devex . Must be logged in site to view page.
    • H-Net profile. Set this page up in 2014 when H-Net switched to web-based discussion networks.
    • iConnect Online . Set up page in October 2012.
    • Methodspace . Joined in early 2013 as a place to pose questions on aspects of research methods.
    • Peace and Collaborative Development Network . Joined in June 2013.
    • TakingITGlobal . Joined in Jan. 2009. Minimal info on my page there.
    • Tech@State . Joined in July 2012 just prior to the Tech@State conference (co-located with Wikimania 2012  at George Washington University).

I also have pages on the following sites:

  • Wikipedia user page on . I have contributed a fair amount to Wikipedia (mainly the English edition), most of that in relation to work on support for localization in African languages, but also on selected other topics of academic, personal and professional interest. See "interwiki" links on that page for access to contributions to other language editions. See also the page on Wikipedia on this site.
  • . This is a well-known bookmarking site. I haven't been using it much in recent years.
  • Library of Congress Name Authority File .
  • . This is an "author page."

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