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MINEL | ... in the spirit of service



MINEL is a list that "considers development and revitalization of languages around the world." I set it up in January 2005 partly as a place to forward messages about diverse languages.

"MINEL" is a coinage for languages that are not among the dominant ones worldwide. Each letter stands for one or more relevant term:
M - minority, maternal (i.e., a language in its role as a mother tongue)
I - indigenous
N - national (this is a category of language in some countries)
E - endangered, ethnic
L - local language

I have posted so often to it, that it it is easier to browse or search the archives

2005 - present

(see/search the list archives until 14 Dec 2019)

Group description

Description of the group as of 2019 (may be original wording):

MINEL - "maternal, indigenous, national & ethnic languages" / "minority & endangered languages"- considers development and revitalization of languages around the world.

It is reckoned that there are ~6000 natural languages, all of which are MINELs on some level. A few of these also serve as languages of wider communication (LWCs, like English) or linguae francae, but this group is less concerned with that role - or the role some also play as "official languages" - than their roles as first languages and/or languages of heritage. This group is also intended to give special attention to what are described as "less widely spoken languages" or "lesser used languages."

MINEL celebrates linguistic diversity in a spirit of unity and mutual appreciation among peoples. It is established with the recognition that practical efforts to develop particular languages for particular communities can benefit from exchange of news, experience and views with others working in different contexts.

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