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[Lexicog] Re: languages represented on this list
Aug 6, 2004

Thank you, Fritz. (I ni ce!) I appreciate the suggestion and info and will attempt to contact Prof. Dumestre. This is a medium-range project: I'm working on aspects of the strategy and collecting info and hope to be able to focus on it next year.


--- In lexicographylist@yahoogroups.com, "Fritz Goerling" <Fritz_Goerling@s...> wrote:
> Dear Don,
> You might want to get in touch with G¨¦rard Dumestre, from the Sorbonne in
> Paris.
> He is a specialist in Bambara dictionary-making. I can also highly recommend
> his
> recently published "Grammaire fondamentale du bambara" (Editions Karthala,
> Paris).
> The chapters on word formation in this book are especially helpful for
> starting
> your lexicon.
> Fritz Goerling
> Don Osborn wrote:
> Currently I'm hoping to put together Bambara <-> Chinese wordlists or
> a small lexicon, something I experimented a bit with a few years ago
> but did not have time, means, or sufficient knowledge of Chinese to
> follow through with. Now I think I have enough to get a basic project

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