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(from the list of my contributions to the Lexicography list; source: Lexicography archives)

Re: languages represented on this list
Jul 31, 2004

Greetings! I have just joined the list and look forward to learning from the work various members are doing.

I worked on a lexical compilation for Malian Fulfulde (Maasinankoore) a number of years ago.* Currently I'm discussing how this can be put online.

I also put a version of a Zarma-English-French lexicon online at http://www.bisharat.net/Zarma/ (this is not my lexical work, just something I formatted at a time that there was not yet any Zarma vocabulary online).

Currently I'm hoping to put together Bambara <-> Chinese wordlists or a small lexicon, something I experimented a bit with a few years ago but did not have time, means, or sufficient knowledge of Chinese to follow through with. Now I think I have enough to get a basic project launched and completed (with some collaboration).

I'd be very interested to know whether anyone is working on any Chinese <-> African language reference materials or knows of anyone else who is.

Another area of interest is linking simple machine translators to an online "living" monolingual dictionary. The idea would be to permit work to proceed on a language like Pulaar/Fulfulde without reference to meanings in another language like English or French (or Chinese) but to facilitate access to the material by non-speakers and learners. The thought is that machine translation could be accurate in the (ideally) regular and circumscribed environment of dictionary glosses.

FInally, I've been interested in African languages and ICT since working on the Fulfulde lexicon and, since my field is actually rural development, set up in 2000 the Bisharat initiative to facilitate African language use with ICTs, esp. in the context of ICT for development - see http://www.bisharat.net

Don Osborn

  • Osborn, Donald, David J. Dwyer, and Joseph I. Donohoe, Jr. 1993. A

Fulfulde (Maasina)-English-French Lexicon: A Root-Based Compilation Drawn from Extant Sources Followed by English-Fulfulde and French- Fulfulde Listings. East Lansing: Michigan State University Press.

--- In lexicographylist@xxxxxx, "lexicography2004" <lexicography2004@y...> wrote:
> Welcome to each subscriber who has joined this Lexicography List recently.
> As we get to know each other better on the list, I suggest that each list
> member who has done lexical research on a language state the name of that
> language. Just a brief statement will be fine. If you are a native speaker
> of the language which you are researching, please note that.
> I will begin:
> I have been doing lexical work on the Cheyenne language (Algonquian language
> family) in the states of Montana and Oklahoma in the U.S. since 1973.

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