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[CHN] Weblogs in China/Chinese; MT techniques & uses

Don Osborn <d_z_o@xxxxxx>
To: chinese@xxxxxx
Aug 27, 2004 at 11:21 AM

Thanks to all who forwarded info re Hanyu-Pinyin conversion sites/software. I have a couple of more technical items.

1. I had hoped to use weblogs w/ Chinese & English content for courses I'm teaching this fall in Chengdu but have run into problems re access to blog services. Does anyone have pointers to blog hosts that can be accessed readily in China? I'm aware of the context I'm working in and am not looking for a discussion of that - just any info on something that works.

2. I'd be interested to know if anyone uses machine translation (MT) online or as software for producing text in Chinese. I've used the online (free) service of Systranet.com to speed up translation English <-> French over the last few years and it is worth it. You have to correct the output to one degree or another, and once you get a sense of how it works, adapt text for the translator to

I'd be interested in any perspectives from anyone using Chinese <-> English MT. Is it worth it? For what in particular and how?

An added value I see in MT is as a learning tool, esp. for adult learners, since one can dive into text that is particularly relevant one's interests and come out with a better understanding. It does help of course to start with some background in the language and also to interface with a tutor.

TIA for any info/feedback on these points.

Don Osborn, Ph.D.

Item retrieved from personal email archives.

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