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Personal weblogs

I maintain two blogs:

  • "Beyond Niamey  - African languages and the 'information society': Reflections on multilingual ICT, first-language and bilingual education, and uses of the vernacular in extension and development work in Africa." I began this on 15 January 2004, two months before leaving Niamey, Niger.
  • "Multidisciplinary Perspectives ... on agriculture, NRM, education, ICT, language & development." I began this on 20 February 2008 as a place to discuss a wider range of issues of personal and professional concern.

To access a comprehensive list of posts on both blogs since September 2014, see my Reddit page.

There was actually another blog I attempted in 2005 called "An American 'Africanist' in China." However, due to some technical problems (and time issues) that I encountered, I had to abandon that effort.

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