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-----Original Message-----
From: blitz-l-bounces@xxxxxx On Behalf Of Don Osborn
Sent: Tuesday, October 09, 2007 3:37 AM
To: 'Adel El Zaim'; panafril10n@xxxxxx; blitz-l@xxxxxx; 'Dwayne Bailey'
Subject: Re: [Blitz-l] Suggestion re consolidating email lists

Hi Adel,

I'll be happy to share with you the subscription list of the PAL lists - this info is not private, but neither is the list made public (to protect from spam).

I think that the archives of all these lists (blitz-l, panafril10n and the PAL lists) are publicly accessible - that is that even non-subscribers can access message content. Not sure if that is also a concern.

Re MT and the lists, the ideal would be to get a couple of list moderators (I could be one) who could process the mail. This also needs a new list serve software I think, which is another issue.

All the best.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Adel El Zaim
> Sent: Monday, October 08, 2007 6:40 AM
> To: 'Don Osborn'; panafril10n@xxxxxx; blitz-l@xxxxxx;
> Donald Z. Osborn; Dwayne Bailey
> Subject: RE: [Blitz-l] Suggestion re consolidating email lists
> Hello Dwayne and all,
> Thank you very much Don for this suggestion.
> Indeed, I sent my emails to all these addresses since I was not sure
> who is subscribed when.
> My only researve on your suggestion is the following:
> - The recipients of all emails about IDRC project should be WELL
> identified.
> We cannot araise expectations for funding to all subscribers to PAL
> lists.
> I have no problem to make the information public, but we are talking a
> project with limited number of
> partners/recipients/deliverables/responsibilities
> - Regarding the machine translation: I agree with you the translated
> text
> needs some editor work before and after translation. Some time the
> translated text is really un-readble.
> Now, Please specify what is or are the adress-es to send emails related
> to the project development. I would like to know who are the subscribers.
> Best regards
> Adel
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Adel El Zaim, PhD
> Senior Program Specialist / Administrateur de programme principal
> Connectivity Africa-Acacia
> Centre de recherches pour le développement international (CRDI) /
> International Development Research Center (IDRC)
> aelzaim@xxxxxx
> Le Caire, Egypte / Cairo, Egypt
> http://www.idrc.ca/acacia

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