Academic profile


  • Ph.D. in Resource Development, Michigan State University, Dec. 1997
  • M.S. in Resource Development, Michigan State University, May 1993
  • B.A. in Social and Behavioral Sciences, The Johns Hopkins University, May 1978

Main academic production

Ph.D. dissertation

Osborn, Donald. 1997. "A Political Ecology of Pastoralism in the Inland Niger Delta of Mali." Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Michigan State University.

Citation on Scientific Commons 

M.S. paper

Osborn, Donald. 1993. "The West and Development in Africa." Unpublished M.S. paper.

This paper can be viewed online  (on an archive of my old academic site). In reviewing it I see a lot of changes and improvements that should be made. As it is, this work gives an idea of some of my thinking which, while it has evolved, still relates to some of the same basic questions and ideas.


These are the kind of statements that one often is asked to submit as part of an application for a faculty position. They are modified from what I have previously used.

Other statements of interest (as a "scholar-practitioner")

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