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About this site & "social media CV"

Some people say that a personal site is helpful for professional reasons. Terms for it vary, such as "personal branding" or "social networking." Job hunters are advised to use tools of the web to "take control" of their online profile. And then there are various personal uses of such sites.

I have chosen to use my personal domain - - for several purposes of which this "social media CV" is but one. Two others of those are:

Part of the motivation for this particular section of the site - /work, also dubbed a "social media CV" - is that there is a fair amount of material online by and/or about me already, and that it is not so voluminous as to be impractical to bring together links to it on one site. So doing is in effect taking ownership of that content.

In addition, there is some other useful material in digital form, but not already online, that can also be posted here.

Except for the fact that one does not sell a person, this "social media CV" concept may be considered in the category of "social media marketing ." Its overall goal is a professional online profile that can be accessed for specific background or more in-depth information about my work and ideas.

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