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A12n-forum-AfricanLanguagesOnComputersAndTheInternet | ... in the spirit of service


(from the list of my contributions to the Africa_web_content_owner (AWCO) list; source: AWCO archives)

A12n-forum - African languages on computers & the internet
Jun 1, 2003

A new list "a12n-forum" has been created to share information and hopefully provide help for people and projects who want to use African languages on computers and the internet. See http://lists.kabissa.org/mailman/listinfo/a12n-forum

The list description is appended below. There is an overlap of a12n-forum with africa_web_content_owner in cases where African language content is included - in such instances it would be great to share crossposts on these two lists.

Don Osborn

This group is about helping people with "Africanisation" of computers and the Internet, particularly using African languages. It's called A12n-forum because A and n are the first and last letters of "Africanisation" and there are 12 letters in between. A12n is related to two other processes people are working on internationally that have similar names: I18n ("internationalisation" of the internet & computer hardware) and L10n ("localisation" of content & computer software).

So the A12n-forum is a place for exchanging information on and experience with using African languages on computers & the internet. It is a forum for computer users and webmasters of all levels in Africa and interested in Africa to ask questions, share ideas & practical information, and disseminate news about multilingual African uses of information & communication technology (ICT).

The languages of Africa are many, but ICT is evolving to where anyone can use any language in wordprocessing, e-mail, web-content, etc. However, is not always clear to many users how to do that, even some people with a lot of computer experience. A12n-forum is intended to help all in Africa and elsewhere who want to expand use of ICT beyond English.

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