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A12n | ... in the spirit of service


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A12n lists

A12n is an acronym for "Africanization" in the same sense that L10n stands for "localization" and i18n for "internationalization." All have an explicit sense related to information technology.

I coined it in 2002 as a shorthand for aspects of i18n necessary to support African languages plus efforts at L10n in African languages. In other words, Africanization (A12n) of information technology.

It has been used for several email lists hosted by Bisharat? in 2002-2009 (all were eventually closed by for technical reasons). A combined archive of traffic on the lists from Nov. 2004 is at:

The original lists were:

There were also ten (10) message boards which I group under this heading (these are on language or country specific topics; the Hausa board was the first forum, set up in late 2001):

A Yahoogroup that does not have "A12n" in its name is also considered in the same "family" of lists (it was set up in January 2002):

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