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360 | ... in the spirit of service


"360°Reach™" survey

360°Reach™ is a service that describes itself as "the first tool of its kind to provide you with candid feedback on how others perceive you." The context and lingo of the service is that of "personal branding," but I thought it would be useful for someone in my position who currently is working in professional networking and independent scholar modes as a way of eliciting feedback. (Working in a team or organizational setting one has more opportunities for feedback.)

This survey was run from mid-June through mid-July 2008, and I owe thanks to the colleagues, friends and relatives who gave feedback. On the whole it seems like a very helpful exercise, though I need to reflect a bit on the results for follow-up. The survey itself was perhaps too "localized" for North American culture for use with a range of international respondents (note for instance some of the responses to the "Projective exercise" on breakfast cereals; the "Projective exercises" part was the weakest part of the survey). Also there is no follow-up or key to interpreting results offered as a part of this service.

The results follow:

Reach 360 Profiler
Profiler results summary

Hello Don

The summary below represents all the 360°Reach™ responses you have received so far.

You have received 24 responses out of 63 requests sent. Your response rate is: 38%

The summary of the data you received:

  • Brand Attributes
  • Brand skills
  • Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Projective exercises
  • Team role
  • Comments


Your brand attributes

Intelligent (9) Collaborative (7) Experienced (7)
International (7) Ethical (6) Resourceful (6)
Accessible (5) Connected (5) Credible (5)
Helpful (5) Bright (4) Enthusiastic (4)
Methodical (4) Sincere (4) Accurate (3)
Calm (3) Communicative (3) Community-oriented (3)
Convincing (3) Devoted (3) Driven (3)
Forward-thinking (3) Future-oriented (3) Honest (3)
Introverted (3) Passionate (3) Tolerant (3)
Visionary (3) Ambitious (2) Authentic (2)
Cooperative (2) Diplomatic (2) Dynamic (2)
Energetic (2) Friendly (2) Global (2)
Original (2) Productive (2) Quirky (2)
Shy (2) Wise (2) Active (1)
Adventurous (1) Bold (1) Caring (1)
Competitive (1) Conservative (1) Context-dependent (1)
Dependable (1) Easygoing (1) Enterprising (1)
Formal (1) Health-conscious (1) Human (1)
Inspiring (1) Kind (1) Leader like (1)
Likable (1) Loyal (1) Melodramatic (1)
Mysterious (1) Open-minded (1) Orderly (1)
Organized (1) Philanthropic (1) Procrastinating (1)
Prolific (1) Resilient (1) Restless (1)
Risk-taking (1) Sensitive (1) Spiritual (1)
Stubborn (1) Supportive (1) Trend-setting (1)
Witty (1)

Your brand skills

Thinking internationally / globally (15) Analyzing (9) Researching (9)
Collaborating (8) Defining needs (7) Communicating(listening, speaking) (5)
Innovating (5) Investigating (5) Leading (5)
Relating to others/building relationships (5) Seeing the big picture (5) Fact finding (4)
Identifying problems (4) Visioning (4) Brainstorming (3)
Creating (3) Empowering others (3) Facilitating groups (3)
Managing projects (3) Seeing the details (3) Writing (3)
Performing analysis (2) Writing/ presenting reports (2) Analyzing figures (1)
Building consensus (1) Inspiring others (1) Mediating (1)
Motivating (1) Public speaking (1) Reporting (1)
Team building (1)

Strengths and weaknesses

Your greatest strengths:
Communicating (1)
don't know him well enough to say for sure (1)
Don is passionate about the role of technology can/could play in non-First World countries, and he is tireless in his efforts to realize its potential (1)
facilitating (1)
he is energetic (1)
honest (1)
He is a hard worker committed to what he does (1)
He is a visionary (1)
His focus on what he wants to achieve (1)
His vision and passion (1)
intelligence (1)
knowledge of third world IT (1)
knowledge, good resource, (1)
Knows enormous amounts about many topics (1)
Managing projects (1)
networking (1)
Networking (1)
pioneering vision (1)
Perseverance, Dedication (1)
Researching (1)
See comment (1)
very knowledgeable (1)
Vision (1)
Visioning (1)

Your greatest weaknesses:
Can't help with that (1)
Can't think of any (1)
don't know him well enough to say for sure (1)
Discussion sometimes diverts to his own train of thought rather than staying on topic (1)
focus (1)
Hearing (1)
I do not know (1)
leadership/management (1)
Lacking independence (1)
narrow focus (1)
none (1)
none that I know of (1)
NC (haven't worked closely-enough to evaluate) (1)
Overcommitment (1)
persuading major institutions to work with him (1)
Passivity (1)
seeing the big picture (1)
shy, not risk taking, melodramatic (1)
some kind of shyness in oral communication due to difficulty to hear (1)
See comment (1)
Sometimes he provides and overwhelming amount of information. It's great to have, but smaller doses would be easier to manage. (1)
too humble (1)
Takes on too many efforts (1)
Underresourced and drawn into to many things (1)

Projective exercises

Type of Car:
a prius. conscious of the environment around him. (1)
a sturdy van: not glamorous, not zippy, but holds more than you could possibly need and goes much farther than you would expect (1)
a toyota corrola ): not luxurious, but reliable, and works fine in the african environment where the roads are full of pot holes (1)
beetle: endurance, reliability (1)
bus, he is very good at gathering preople (1)
faarri, high performance (1)
impala (1)
jaguar, he is fast. (1)
jeep. he goes anywhere but neither too fast nor too attractively. (1)
mercedes sedan- quality, but not flashy (1)
pickup - utilitarian but uninspiring (1)
pickup truck - sturdy, reliable, utilitarian (1)
rolls royce - reliable, long-lasting and of high quality (1)
see comment (1)
something fuel efficient (1)
tires. (1)
toyota corolla - very realiable (1)
toyota pickup: reliable, flexible, in use around the world (1)
used compact toyota: dependable, frugal, reliable (1)
volks wagon. he is there for everybody (1)
volkswagen beetle (1)
volvo safe reliable (1)
volvo station wagon: content to be emminently practical and helpful (1)
vw golf: competent but somewhat annoying (1)

Type of Cereal:
bran flakes: dependability (1)
cheerio (1)
corn flakes. he does not present any frills (1)
granola - made of the right stuff (1)
i am sory but i know very few cereals and i really can't use them to compare with a person (1)
i have no idea about breakfast cereals! (1)
meusli - international mix of everything (1)
muesli, healthy (1)
mueslix: simple, good for you, a bit different but still familiar (1)
not a breakfast cereal connoisseur, so would rather not make the comparison (1)
oatmeal- warm, stays with you, consistent (1)
oatmeal - plain but nourishing (1)
oatmeal: gives you lots to chew over (1)
porridge: most bang for buck (1)
raisin bran: lots of goodness and pleasantly sweet (1)
rice crispy, soaks up others' juice (1)
roasted museli, a yoch of sophistication mixed with good sustanance (1)
see comment (1)
something nutritious (1)
special k (1)
sustaining, because he nourishes forever (1)
total (1)
total just a filler (1)
wheat (1)

Team Role

(9) Facilitator - orchestrates the group, helping it to achieve its goal.
(7) Creator - comes up with creative ideas for what to do and how to do it.
(5) Doer - takes a portion of the project and executes it.
(1) Care Giver - ensures that all members of the team are happy and cared for.
(1) Leader - takes charge, assigning tasks and deadlines.
(1) Motivator - inspires others to participate and be successful members of the team.


- A wonderful warm and understanding person, I just worry that he does not always hear what people say
- I have worked with Don in a number of projects and found him absolutely committed and dependable. I would hire him in a minute.
- I don't like this evaluation, I wanted to check many more boxes but its very limited.
- Just continue with what you are doing. I do not know if you know how to sustain. If not I suggest that you work with other organizations in order to make sure that your work continues even when you are tired of doing it.
- extraordinary resourceful person
- He has the gift of spotting important issues long before they become topical
- Excellent potential as a researcher/academic. Less suited for leadership and management roles.
- I admire Don for his persistence in pursuing his vision(s), and for the difference I think he makes. He makes me aspire to do more than I do for the greater good of humanity.
- He is a brilliant, original, selfless thinker and inventor of communications as no one has ever invented them before
- Don looks reserved, almost shy, but he is a very hardworking and efficient professional fellow.
- I don't like to answer questions like the above - what car you would be etc. Weakness ans strength ... because these are too general - our weaknesses and strengths are several and they change according to what we work on. You do many different things and therefore I will simply not answer there.
- Has original ideas, and is a hard worker. Seems a bit unfocused.


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