Year of European Languages 2001

The European Commission site described this year as follows at :

The European Year of Languages 2001 was organised by the European Union and the Council of Europe. Forty-five European countries participated.

Main messages of the European Year of Languages.

  • Europe is multilingual and always will be
  • Learning languages brings people opportunities
  • Everyone can do it

The Commission’s objective is a European Union where everybody speaks several languages. All those leaving compulsory education should be able to communicate in at least two European languages in addition to their mother tongue and then be able to build on that knowledge for the rest of their lives.

The European Year has been a crucial step on the way. Languages and language learning have a higher profile in Europe than ever before.

Other references:

  • "The European Year of Languages 2001 was a joint Council of Europe and European Commission initiative to promote multilingualism and a greater languages capability across Europe. It was celebrated in 45 countries and co-ordinated in the UK by CILT."
  • "Year 2001 was declared the European Year of Languages by the Council of Europe, the European Union, and UNESCO. In announcing the initiative, the three bodies argued for the importance of language learning for personal development and suggested that lingual competencies are needed to respond to economic, social, and cultural changes in society."