The National Museum of Language is a membership organization and project based in College Park, Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC (U.S.). It opened in a small temporary location on 3 May 2008.


The mission of The National Museum of Language is to enhance understanding of all aspects of language in history, contemporary affairs, and the future.

By fostering the study of the nature of language, its development, and its role and importance in society, and by exploring linguistic problems and ways of overcoming them, the Museum will serve as a resource for people in all walks of life, and will contribute to better understanding and communication among individuals and among the peoples of the world.

The National Museum of Language will establish collections of research materials relating to language in a variety of fields and develop programs and exhibits to explore language in society and its essential role in the histories of civilizations and cultures.

-From "About us" on the NML website 

The NML is sponsoring a contest for an International Flag of Language during the latter half of the IYL.