International Mother Language Day (IMLD), 21 February, is an annual observance of the importance of maternal languages and linguistic diversity. It was established by UNESCO at its 30th annual General Conference in 1999 and first observed in 2000.

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IMLD 2008 events

The 2008 observance of IMLD will also be the "official launch" of IYL. Further information:

IMLD 2009 events

The 2009 observance included the official close of IYL.


The UN General Assembly resolution setting 2008 as International Year of Languages (IYL) also "welcomed" UNESCO's decision in 1999 to establish observance of IMLD.

The IYL was officially launched on IMLD, 21 Feb. 2008, and ended on IMLD, 21 Feb. 2009 (see above).