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How Can One Help

How can one help?

Phil Cash Cash, a linguist and owner of the Indigenous Languages and Technology list (ILAT ), wrote about the year on ILAT (click here  to read the entire text) on 31 Dec. 2007. He concluded with 10 suggestions, quoted below:

So "How can one help?" you ask. Become an everyday language activist!

1) Get the message out concerning language endangerment. Create awareness.

2) Become an expert on the suppression of linguistic and cultural diversity.

3) Create your own web site, blog, and/or listserv supporting an endangered language.

4) Get media coverage and tell a dramatic human story on language endangerment & revitalization.

5) Raise money and contribute to foundations supporting language endangerment (ELF, FEL, ILI, etc)!

6) Raise money and contribute directly to community-based language documentation/revitalization projects.

7) Donate material resources or in-kind contributions directly to endangered language communities.

8) Devote part or all of your scholarly/graduate career on documenting an endangered language.

9) Support community advocacy and grass-roots efforts on language endangerment issues.

10) Organize a sponsored event supporting community advocacy or language endangerment issues.

Take this moment in time to reflect upon the unlimited possibilities for change in the way we think about language endangerment and linguistic/cultural diversity. Can you make a difference? Yes, absolutely!