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Blogging IYL

CALLING ALL BLOGGERS! Have you blogged anything about International Year of Languages? If not yet, then when? If so, is it listed on the appropriate page (by date) on the left? If it isn't, let me know at dzosborn(at)

Blogging the International Year of Languages

As part of compiling information on IYL 2008, it seemed important to get an idea of how it is mentioned in the blogosphere. So far there seem to be many weblogs that mention the IYL, and a very few that focus on it...

Blogs that mention IYL 2008

Lists of blogs (and a few bloglike CMS or forum entries) that mention are being compiled. The original list (unsurprisingly) become too long for a single webpage, especially as it includes links to specific articles and, where available, RSS feeds. It therefore has been split into chronological groupings as follows:

The above pages will be added to and/or modified as needed.

Blogs about IYL 2008

There are now blogs dedicated entirely to the International Year of Languages. For instance: