[LI] AI & power; AI & BS

AI – artificial intelligence – is discussed as an areal of technology with immense potential as well as some risks. AI, is also a term that is used popularly in various ways. I posted two items to LinkedIn highlighting these two aspects – specifically the way AI research is being dominated by a few tech giants, and the way a lot of the hype on AI might be characterized as “BS.”

A Wake Up Call To AI Companies – Hot Off The Winners Take All Book Tour With Anand Giridharadas,” by Tabitha Goldstaub, Forbes, 8 February 2019 (posted February 2019)

“All the stuff happening in AI is not happening in small garages, who’s the biggest player? Google. It’s the established power. …”

The BS-Industrial Complex of Phony A.I.: How hyping A.I. enriched investors, fooled the media, and confused the hell out of the rest of us,” by Mike Mallazzo, Medium.com (article still available via Archive.org), 12 June 2019 (posted June 2019)

A good dose of caution is evidently needed when encountering advertised use of AI. I often tend to put “AI” in quotes since it legitimately covers a number of things, and I’m still learning about the field. But maybe that display of caution should be a wider practice?

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