[LI] Recruitment in 10 years; Automation & recruitment

Two items posted to LinkedIn group concerned with the future of recruitment. These are of interest to me in the context of understanding trends and future developments in intelligent automation of hiring and job-seeking.

How Will the Recruitment Industry Change Over the Next 10 Years?” by an unnamed guest author, TalentLyft.com, 17 December 2018 (posted July 2018)

Of possible interest – Jagriti Patwari suggests 5 ways recruitment will change in the coming years

3 Ways Recruitment Automation Will Change Recruiting Forever,” by Olivia Folick, Ideal.com (blog), 27 June 2019 (posted August 2019)

These 3 impacts of automation on recruitment may not be news – resume screening, pre-qualification (using chatbots), and interviews – but this short June 2019 piece by Olivia Folick may be of interest anyway.  #recruitment #automation #future

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