[LI] “TurboResume”?; the salary history question

Two items posted to LinkedIn in April 2018, which relate to different aspects of the job search. The first pivots off of a list of perceived flaws in a resume that may get an application rejected, and the second spotlights another opinion on how to respond to questions about past salaries.

6 reasons recruiters say they’ll toss your resume in the trash,” Lily Herman, TheLadders.com, 23 Sept. 2017 (posted 15 April 2018)

We have “TurboTax” for income taxes, why not “TurboResume” for job applications? Could authoring software handle the 6 problems hi-lited by Lily Herman in The Ladders?

1-3) “Too long,” “Over-styled,” & “Missing keywords”: Yes

4-6) “Wrong tone,” “Not ordered,” “No story”: Certainly, with more intelligent algorithms.

There are already interesting experiments with AI programs to author fiction. One imagines that in the more structured environment of resumes, with data provided & periodically updated by the user, a “TurboResume” could produce quality content and style. And save us time. Software updates could keep up with new trends and keywords.

Ask the Headhunter: When job interviewers ask for your salary history, do this instead,” Nick Corcodilos, PBS NewsHour, 17 April 2018 (posted 17 April 2018)

On the topic of being asked for salary history, Nick Corcodilos weighs in with advice not to comply, and suggestions of how else to constructively respond.

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