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Two posts on LinkedIn in February and April 2018 concerning the outlook on AI for human resources (HR). Worth noting again that the development of AI is all either for HR, including their recruiting/hiring functions, and intermediaries that may offer services to job seekers as well as recruiters.

Decoding AI for HR,” Bill Kutik, Human Resource Executive, 30 Jan 2018 (posted 5 Feb 2018)

Interesting insights from Bill Kutik into “AI” devt for HR/recruiting. Comparison of AI today w/ intro of client server arch. in 1990’s – same era of software job seekers still using – raises ques. of how AI will be developed for the latter. @billkutik

(my response to author’s reply mentioning benefits of AI for HR)

Thanks. Do you (& HR generally) see the potential use of AI also from the applicant side? And if so, what are thoughts, concerns?

Seems one could have a much richer and faster exchange of relevant information (without low-level focus on form filling, keywords and resume appearance for example), eliminating much of the repetitive tasks on both sides. This might happen before, or completely bypass the visual/voice AI job assistant “Olivia” on the hiring side, with the job hunter’s AI learning feeding info back to its owner, & learning from interactions with diverse recruiters and potentially also other applicants (in turn enhancing the job seeker’s understanding of the job market). The next step when reasonable matches are found through interaction of recruiter & job seeker AI would be human to human interaction.

The picture therefore seems much more dynamic when AI is used from both sides – though all of this is imagined at this point. Need more practical experiments.

Managing human resources is about to become easier,” The Economist, 31 March 2018 (posted 3 April 2018)

The Economist‘s article reminds of JC Brown’s reference 2 decades ago to centralized computers “humanizing” the job market. But is asymmetry of developing AI only on hiring side (& not also for indiv use in job mkt) really good beyond HR’s work?

(my comment)

IOW, if The Economist or another publication ran an article entitled “Finding jobs and planning career moves is about to become easier,” what would it likely cover, given the state and direction of research today on AI for the job market? Probably something along the lines of what is in this article (like Accenture’s Job Buddy) plus whatever entities like LinkedIn and job sites offer for free (gathering data along the way). But really no significant added digital capacities in the hands of (meaning controlled by) individuals as employees or job seekers.

A huge amount of effort is going into systems to analyze and process people as data, but next to nothing “empowering” individuals with reciprocal capabilities to analyze the environment (job market, organizations, trends), automate their work flow (such as job applications), or monitor and perhaps modulate(?) the data flow about them going to others (“others” in this case including a range of organizations and actors, including companies one might be employed by).

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