[LI] Early use of algorithms for hiring

Early this past summer I came across a couple of items discussing early use of algorithms for hiring and posted them on LinkedIn to call attention to parts of the early history in this area – a decade being a long time when talking about technology.

Google Answer to Filling Jobs Is an Algorithm,” New York Times, 3 January 2007 (posted June 2017)

10 yrs ago Google “created an automated way to search for talent among the more than 100,000 job applications…”

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Curious about the evolution of the algorithms now common in the job market – this must be a key early development.

How Do You Find A Job? Ask The Algorithm,” NPR, 6 November 2009 (posted June 2017)

In 2009, New York state & Minnesota only (first?) 2 states using algorithms to find jobs for the unemployed.

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There may be a good history of the introduction of tech tools into hiring & recruitment, up to and including algorithms. But in the meantime, I’m picking up pieces of the story like this.

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