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I’ve set up this blog – Multidisciplinary perspectives – as a space to post information and commentary on the several areas that I am and have been investing time and work on over the course of my academic and professional life.

I chose multidisciplinary rather than interdisciplinary, or even transdisciplinary, for the title since this experience has involved as much a focus on particular specializations as it has on the connections and interrelationships that link them in scholarly or practical pursuits.

The specific areas are indicated in the subtitle of the blog. Additional bio information will be made available elsewhere on this website as I develop it.

– Don Osborn, 21 Feb. 2008


After some years off – too many in fact – I’m bringing this blog back. I’ve been writing about topics related to African languages on Beyond Niamey, but also want to explore the range of other subjects that Multidisciplinary Perspectives was set up for.

– Don Osborn, 1 Dec. 2015


A few months ago, I began adding to this site copies of selected posts originally written on the LinkedIn and Facebook. These are posted here as pages (not blog posts), and accessible via Other blogs in the top menu. Searches of this site also search these pages.

– Don Osborn, 24 Sep. 2017

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