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2016 Linguapax Award to organizations in Australia & Canada

Linguapax logoEach year on the occasion of International Mother Language Day, the Barcelona-based Linguapax International announces winners of the Linguapax Award. This year, for the first time, two civil-society organizations were recipients:

  • Yambirrpa School Council/Djarrma Action Group of Arnherm Land in Northern Territory, Australia. This grouping represents “14 Aboriginal language groups of the Yolngu people of Yirrkala and Laynhapuy” and continues a 40-year effort to promote Yolngu language and culture, which includes bilingual approaches.
  • International and Heritage Languages ​​Association (IHLA) of Alberta, Canada. “IHLA advocates for the acknowledgement, accreditation and legitimacy of heritage languages learner’s skills in high schools, for the recognition of heritage language teachers’ backgrounds, for raising awareness among young people, general public and politicians and decision makers of the values ​​of multilingualism.”

The Linguapax Award is “granted to linguists/researchers, activists and civil society organizations that have distinguished themselves for their commitment in favor of linguistic diversity and multilingual education.” Since the first prize in 2002 and prior to this year, Linguapax has annually recognized one or two individuals, an organization, or an individual and an organization.


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